Separator line with text

von Moritur am 25. July 2012

There are many snippets for separator lines out there but I didn’t find a single one with a text in the middle. Here you got one:

This is the neccessary html:

That’s how I needed the separator line:

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Do you know a better method to do this? Maybe without a fixed background color?

Whoo! CSS3 only arc (circular progress)

von Moritur am 28. March 2012

I always loved these arcs to display progress, but the only way to create them is using JavaScript and a canvas or simply images.
But with the new awesome CSS3 techniques it is finally possible to create them with pure CSS.

So this is how a pure CSS3 arc looks like (try a hover)


This works best in Chrome, but also in Firefox and Opera
IE is not supported – Who would have thought?

Chrome has this great feature to use gradients as a mask. Thats how the inset around the circle is created (FF and Opera only show a white border)

Of course I will try to explain how it’s done.

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Google Maps and Array.prototype.indexOf

von Moritur am 16. January 2012

Google Maps together with an own implementation of Array.prototype.indexOf (IE<9 needs it) may result in some problems. The solution is a short:

After including Google Maps, Array.prototype.indexOf can be defined again.


von Moritur am 2. January 2012

Not. This is about 70% more code than necessary.

jQuery KUSearch

von Moritur am 20. December 2011

jQuery KUSearch enables the user to filter a set of elements (mainly lists) with a simple input field.
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Inline conditional comments for IE?

von Moritur am 19. December 2011

Really? If you do need these kind of hacks, please use an ie7.css file and include it in the head section…